Dyno List

Tuning Check List

To ensure a successful tuning session, please assure that the following list
of items have been fulfilled before your tuning appointment:

Naturally Aspirated & Forced Induction Vehicles:

  • No oil/coolant/fuel leaks
  • Proper spark plugs and gaps
  • No check engine light (unless reason for being tuned)
  • All fluids are filled (oil, transmission, GASOLINE, coolant, brake, clutch,
  • Brakes must be working properly
  • Tires must have ample tread
  • Ignition performance up to par (distributor cap, rotor button, ignition wires,
    coil, aftermarket ignition system, etc.)
  • Forced Induction Vehicles:

  • All vacuum lines secure (zip ties, clamps, etc.)
  • Correct heat range for spark plugs, check proper gaps
  • All piping secure with proper clamps
  • Sufficient exhaust for application
  • Sufficient fuel supply system (injectors, fuel pump, fuel regulator, fuel
    filter, etc.)
  • O2 sensor port must accomodate standard wideband sensor

    If the above criteria have not been fulfilled prior to your tuning appointment
    and additional labor and parts are required, additional charges may apply.